Tree Planters – Workplace Risk and Safety Issues

Possible Hazards

Usually, tree planters perform physically challenging and stressful work. They work includes carrying and planting trees using manual tools, feeding machines manually, preparing the best site for planting, maintaining equipment’s, and so on. Many of them are not aware of the workplace risk of tree planters. They also have workplace hazards and anything can injure them and damage their equipment. They meet with a lot of risks like damage in physical item, intangible item, an absence of safety barrier on the side of the road, and so on. Sometimes, the risk may be in the working process of poor implementation of the techniques used by the planters.

Problems Faced by New Tree Planters

New tree planters working in some industries may feel afraid to say something. In every industry, the planters who are planting for the longest time are considered as the best planters and they are most respected as they are making the most money. So, in every industry, the new tree planters may find many things happening differently. But, the planters with many years of experience does not feel uncomfortable and say anything about it. Nowadays, the situation is getting changed as the industry is very careful in hiring the new planters. They are recruiting only intelligent and talented candidates.

Every worker must not take any private risk that is considered as dangerous in the workplace. They are also not allowed to ignore any safe work practices. If they involve in that kind of activities, then they will be terminated from their employment. They are given instructions to work safety and they are advised to take conscious steps to balance any potential hazards through engineering, administrative controls, and through the proper use of protective equipment. An industry usually has the supervisors with many years of experience. So that they can able to handle any kind of problem and situation. They would approach the problem in a knowledgeable manner. The expert supervisors will listen patiently to the new tree planters and they will provide some suggestions to them based on the situation. Some new tree planters are very talented as they can able to provide very good and creative solutions.

Protective Equipment for the Tree Planters

Every tree planter must have some safety protective equipment’s like whistle for alerting other in case of emergency, personal first aid kit, hard hat, pressure bandage, and more. Their items are compulsory for the tree planters. In Some areas, the tree planters are allowed to wear helmets in substitute to the hard hat. They are approved for climbing helmets. But, if they are working on a contract which requires hard hat then they must make the safety check first before they invest in climbing helmet. Some of the safety protective equipment’s that are used while planting camp are helmets, chainsaw plants, a hard hat, face shield, ear muffs, and rubber gloves for washing dishes. There are risks for the tree planters due to accidental weather conditions like cold, heat, wind, and more. They may also be working in the open areas where there is no shade. So, it is essential for the tree planters to dress appropriately to protect themselves.


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